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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 20, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, it's 5:00 on this monday, martin luther king kay. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. let's start off with a check on the weather forecast. it's nicer than the game was last night. here's mike. >> hopefully you won't be as disappointed with the forecast. good morning, everybody. we do have some clouds out there, unfortunately they're not rain clouds, they're upper level clouds. even some low clouds well off the coast here. four miles visibility half moon bay, that's as low as it gets so we're doing pretty good getting around this morning. this afternoon we'll have a lot of sunshine, a few high clouds from time to time. temperatures in the mid-60s to near 70 degrees with sent in santa rosa, oakland, fairfield, morgan hill some of the warm spots.
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cloverdale 72 is the warmest spot. i think those are near record highs. let's take a look at traffic this holiday morning. how are you, leyla? >> good, mike. good morning, everyone. muni will provide supplementary 30 route shuttle service between caltrain and yerba buena gardens due to the freedom ride that's heading from san jose to san francisco this morning. it will arrive in san francisco at 11:00 a.m. also expect to see some muni delays in and around san francisco because of the march that's going to be taking place just after. b.a.r.t. is going to start rolling at 6:00 this morning. muni also on a saturday schedule so check with your local mass transit for that. as we look at our drive-time traffic we're not seeing any accidents out there so pretty clear on 680. walnut creek to dublin, 15 minutes. through the santa cruz mountains, a 23-minute drive. the quest for six will have to wait until next season. the 49ers are back home in the
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bay area this morning after a pretty sad defeat against the seattle seahawks during last night's nfc championship game. >> despite this tough loss, the niners received an appreciative homecoming from dozens of fans who were there when the team got back to the bay area. the team rolled in on buses from snl's mineta airport last night. many say they're proud of the 49ers for playing a hard-fought game and for having a great season. >> i could have wished for a much better outcome, but i still think going from where we had been for so long recently to in the hunt three years in a row is fantastic. >> some broken hearts there, but the niners spirit is alive and well, so are their throats. fans are looking forward to the niners first season at the new stadium in santa clara. the internet is buzzing this morning following seahawks cornerback and former stanford
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cardinal richard sherman's post-game interview with fox's erin andrews. take a look. >> i'm the best corner in the game. you ply me with a star receiver like crabtree that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth about the best. >> sherman was talking about the game-winning play where michael crabtree responded shortly afterwards in the locker room. >> he's a tv guy, i'm not a tv guy. i play ball. he makes one play and you talk. a good play. >> oh, i was making sure everybody knew that crabtree was a mediocre receiver, mediocre. and when you try the best corner in the game with a mediocre receiver, that's what happens. >> sherman added that crabtree made a personal remark to him in the off-season in arizona. sherman says he's going to be tough on crabtree for the rest of his career. it's 5:03. it's martin luther king day and
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once again the freedom train will roll this morning, but with a very uncertain future. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. >> reporter: yeah, kristen, the freedom train is in trouble. here's video of last year's ride. attendance was down last year and it's looking like it's going to be worse today. there were 400 empty seats last year and it's looking worse today. organizers say if they can't fill the train today, next year could be the last one. they would do a farewell ride. it costs the mlk association $5,000 to charter the train. the concept was started by mlk's widow. it commemorates the 54 miles between selma and montgomery, alabama, which was marched in 1965 to fight for equal rights. that's about the same distance between san jose and san francisco. people here say on board they pay a very nice tribute to martin luther king jr., complete with speeches, personal stories
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and gospel singing. but to give you an idea how low attendance is looking today, the train can hold 1600 people. so far they have sold 300 tickets. if you'd like to join in, you can pick up the train at 10:00 this morning in san jose. it gets to san francisco at about 11:00. the round-trip ticket costs $15. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thanks a lot. now here's what's closed today for the holiday. local, state and federal government offices are closed with the exception of emergency services. banks and financial institutions are closed. post offices as well. there will be no mail delivery. b.a.r.t. and muni on saturday schedules, ac transit on a sunday schedule and golden gate ferries are on a holiday schedule too. other transit agencies are operating normal monday service. 5:05 now. a thief with a different target is affecting life in san francisco's duboce triangle
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neighborhood. this is youtube video of the thief who's been stealing plants from people's front gardens caught in the act. the plant owner captured the thief on camera at least twice, once late last month and again just over a week ago. >> i think he sees plants in the daytime he wants to take. he comes back at night with a bag, a tarp and he digs them up real fast with his hands, throws them in the tarp, carries them off and leaves a dirt trail. >> neighbors say the thief is selective, taking only the more expensive plants. one woman lost a total of 20 plants, then installed security lighting. neighbors say the thief broke all the lights and continued to steal plants. the varsity basketball coach at a peninsula high school has been fired after a hazing incident. two players from woodside high were beaten, gagged, duct taped to chairs and had their faces painted with lipstick. this is said to have happened during a post christmas tournament trip to the town of
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newton. the boys' families are considering legal action. oakland police are investigating a hate crime that has victimized a prominent candidate for mayor next november. flyers depicting a swastika on the forehead of libby shaft were plastered over montclair over the weekend. our media partner, the contra costa times reports nobody has claimed responsibility. the flyers supposedly represent opponents of a controversial surveillance center that is proposed for the area. new research confirms what opponents often say about raising the minimum wage, it can be bad for business and ultimately bad for workers. the employment policy institute did a follow-up study on san jose's 25% minimum wage hike and found it led to higher prices for consumers and fewer hours for workers at restaurants. when san jose's base pay was increased from $8 to $10 an hour, two-thirds of the city's restaurants raised their prices to compensate. another 44% of restaurants
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surveyed reduced staff hours. 42% cut staff entirely. richmond and san francisco are currently considering minimum wage hikes. >> something that's been hiking around here, obviously our temperatures, mike. >> definitely haven't been at minimum wage levels, have they. they have been at the upper end of the scale. our roof cam showing how quiet the embarcadero is and the wonderful artist reof the western span of the bay bridge this morning. let's take a look at our day planner. we start off chilly in our valleys as we drop down to 30, 32 degrees. we're about 46 in san francisco for the warm spot. 12:00 we'll still have a few lingering high clouds but look at that low to mid-60s, well above average. we'll be near records but like yesterday probably fall a degree or two short. mid to upper 60s through the better part of the afternoon hours. during the evening hours enjoy clear and dry air, temperatures in the low to mid-50s. as we move forward the next three days, the winds will shift
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and start coming onshore. mid to upper 60s for tuesday, low to mid-60s for wednesday and the breezes will start to pick up. maybe fire danger wednesday night, thursday and friday. right now it's a little too far away but something we're keeping an eye on. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s thursday. hope you have a great day. here's leyla. >> we are starting off accident-free this morning. it looks like holiday light out there. it's just about 5:10 so still quite early but i think because of the holiday, a lot of people are taking the day off. as we take you over to the altamont pass coming away from tracy into dublin we are at top speeds there. continue through livermore and into pleasanton, up to the dublin interchange, 66 miles per hour. as you head south on isabel avenue, 44 miles an hour. heading through pleasanton right down to sunol, it is also a great drive there. drive time traffic tracy to
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castro valley will be our 32 minutes. highway 85 to the san jose airport, 11 minutes and heading through daly city on 280 northbound into san francisco, under 10 minutes. a quick live look outside and here's the bay bridge tolls, wide open right now as cars funnel their way out of the maze and into san francisco. >> leyla, thank you. it's 5:10. still ahead, breaking your iphone without breaking the bank. the new change by apple that could save some customers money. also the east bay city forging new partnerships to keep kids in class. the truancy tactic that could become a malls for other cities. plus the president opens up about marijuana. what does he really think about pot and could it signal a policy shift? first, here's this morning, tech reports. google wants to know which online ads you hate the most and why. over the next few weeks you'll have an option to fill out a survey and explain what bothered you the most. hackers are using unlikely devices to launch attacks.
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household smart gadgets like refrigerators and televisions were involved in a recent attack but sent out over 750,000 spam e-mails. l'oréal has announced matrix for glass, a series of video tutorials shot from a stylist's point of view. amazon is gearing up for what it calls anticipatory shipping. it would ship to a warehouse
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. it's 5:14. this morning the hayward unified school district, police and a local business are teaming up to keep kids in school. the contra costa times reports more than 70 local merchants, including fast food restaurants and supermarkets are posting stickers on store windows warning truant students they'll be reported if they're seen hanging out during school hours. it's part of the school district's campaign to improve the graduation rate, which was 71% in 2012. a new survey out this morning finds distrust in elected leaders growing in the u.s. as well as abroad. according to the public relations firm, just 37% of
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college educated adults say they trust u.s. government. that's down 16 points from a year earlier. the survey shows washington's budget battle was a key reason for the drop. worldwide trust in governments is also down four points at 44%. the survey results will be presented later this week at a world economic forum in switzerland. president obama is making waves with a new statement on marijuana. the president says in cane did interview with a new yorker that pot is less dangerous than alcohol, quote, in terms of its impact on the individual consumer. but he does not argue for legalizing marijuana. the president has admitted to using pot when he was young and calls it a bad idea. the president says people who think legalizing it will solve social problems are, quote, probably overstating the case. the mayor of hoeb boboken ht with representatives claiming representatives of governor chris christie tried to strong
5:16 am
arm her. she was told she would get superstorm sandy development funds only if he expedited a project. postal service employees say they have a big problem with the agency opening retail centers inside staples stores. mail officials say the centers are a way of cutting costs and boosting revenues. post al unions say that fine except the outlets are staffed by low wage, nonunion postal employees. the unions fear there could be a loss of jobs if the outlet centers continue to open. postal officials see the program as an opportunity to grow the business and don't see it as a threat to replace traditional post offices. if you're an iphone user that manages to break your screen, apple has a solution. starting today they will fix your screen in-house. the company's only previous
5:17 am
option was to replace the entire phone which could be expensive and time consuming. a screen repair will set you back about $150. it takes about an hour. 5:17. a toast to seahawks fans from seattle's hometown airline. >> here's marcy gonzalez with today's money report. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, the future is looking brighter for the u.s. economy. experts are predicting the best growth since 2005, expecting a 3% spurt in 2014. the comedy "ride along" debuted at number one earning $41 million. "lone survivor" came in second with just over $23 million followed by "the nut job." and seattle-based alaska airlines is cheering on the seahawks nfc title victory in its own special way. they said that first drinks departing from seattle today would be free. that's america's money. i'm marcy gonzalez. >> it's 5:17 now. >> yeah, it's another warm day,
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this martin luther king day. mike, a lot of people normally go skiing this weekend, but i know plenty of people who are waiting for a real storm. >> they'd probably like to ski on fresh powder instead of man made powder even though the resorts do a great job of making it fun, but yeah, the trains are probably not as open as you'd like them to be because of the lack of mother nature-made snow. we have some clouds from about the bay bridge all the way down to the dumbarton bridge, just some high clouds this morning on live doppler 7 hd. if you're coming into the city, 49 degrees. crissy field same thing. downtown it's 48. heading down to the mission district, about 49. a little warmer around upper market, westportal, presidio, ocean beach, about 50 to 52 there. 48 also in belmont, just like the financial district. we've got 43 in richmond and san leandro this morning. about 40 in union city and 34,
5:19 am
one of the cool spots, palo alto, 36 at santa clara, pleasantton and walnut creek at 34. 32 at petaluma. here's the way it looks from the east bay hills. you can see how clean the air is. it is not a spare the air day. temperatures today once again will be near record highs with a few high clouds from time to time. cooler breezes tuesday, wednesday and thursday and then the fire danger may be returning thursday as the breezes will get a little aggressive, especially in our hills, and that could last through friday and saturday. today's temperatures 8 degrees warmer than average to about 12 as you head san francisco to livermore. no asterisk today, that's why we're near record highs. upper 60s to near 70s. san jose about 69. mid to upper 60s most of the peninsula, south of 70. mid to upper 60s along the coast into downtown and south san francisco at 66 and 65. mid to upper 60s through most of the north bay, whether at your beaches or in your valleys. santa rosa the exception at 70
5:20 am
degrees. oakland clearly the warmest spot at 70. everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. fairfield at 70. tonight 30s inland, some frost possible. 30s in fremont down into the south bay, throw mid-40s elsewhere. here's a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. high pressure is getting squeezed just a little bit and that's why our winds will start blowing onshore tuesday, wednesday, and to a lesser extent thursday. no rain in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. have a good one. here's leyla. >> all right, mike. good morning, everyone at 5:20. we're taking a look at mass transit because really that's what's going to be affecting you on this holiday morning. so if you are going to be using b.a.r.t., that starts rolling at 6:00. muni starts now, however it's on a saturday schedule. ac trilt is on a sunday schedule so check with your local mass transit agency. in wood side, a car versus a deer blocking the number two lane. northbound along 280 right at
5:21 am
farm hill boulevard. the rest of the drive stays open as you head into san jose. 101, on 280 and 85, everything is moving along. the richmond-san rafael bridge, it's a quick drive. san mateo 12 minutes from east to west. and the dumbarton, 11 minutes will get you over to the peninsula. ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. also a whale of a tale. how this pod splashed its way to freedom after those who've beed ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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apprised of. and whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things to know today. number one, despite yesterday's loss in the nfc championship game against the seahawks, the niners got a warm homecoming from dozens of fans who greeted the team as it arrived back here in the bay area. the team rolled in on buses from san jose mineta airport late last night. seattle beat the niners 23-17 to advance to the super bowl. number two, the internet is buzzing about heated post-game comments from seahawks cornerback and stanford grad richard sherman's directed comments toward the niners wide receiver michael crabtree. he criticized crabtree's abilities, calling him a mediocre player. number three, the freedom train's 30-year run here in the bay area could come to an end if more people don't ride it. it sold only 300 tickets as of friday but it holds 1600 people and it costs organizers $5,000 to charter. the special train leaves san jose at 10:00 this morning bound
5:25 am
for san francisco. number four, kenneth bae, an american citizen being held in north korea, is asking the u.s. to help secure his release. today he spoke at a press conference held at his own request. he was arrested in 2012 and accused of crimes against the state. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. number five, b.a.r.t.'s nine-month battle over union contracts was intended to save the agency money but the agency spent $2.2 million conducting the negotiations. number six, near record highs again today, but cooler weather is on the way and possibly a fire threatening the accu-weather seven-day forecast. number seven, it's holiday light on the roads as we take a look behind me. this is the bay bridge toll plaza where a few extra cars are coming in from emeryville into san francisco. also if you take mass transit, we're running on holiday and weekend schedules. we'll have more on that coming up. a pot of nearly two dozen pilot whales were herded back
5:26 am
out to sea yesterday after they were stranded in shallow waters off the coast of naples, florida. rescuers herded them into open waters back into the gulf of mexico yesterday. two curious whales swam into the pass and got stuck. about 20 of their counterparts swam after them and they also got stuck. but after several hours of maneuvers by the rescuers and high tide, the whales swam back out to sea and they say the whales appear very thin and distressed. rescuers are monitoring the situation closely. one of the most stressful weeks to travel in china. a group of flight taeattendantsd their part to bring some left to the experience. these staffers at china united airlines serenaded fliers with their dance moves at an airport terminal. the chinese lunar new year kicks off next week and more than 42 million people in china are expected to travel home to see
5:27 am
their families ahead of the holiday. all right, it's 5:26. the abc 7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the day's top stories. >> including the celebration in seattle following the seahawks win over our niners. and later, the fresh threats against tourists as the soc mus olympics get ready to kick off.
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now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at good morning. monday, 5:29. it's also martin luther king day. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. and we could see some near-record temperatures again today. here's mike. >> i know. it's just amazing how many days in a row we've talked about this, like it's becoming normal or something. all right, radar/satellite, a few high clouds will hang around for the better part of the morning hours. i think we'll see increasing
5:30 am
sunshine this afternoon and that will help push us near record high temperatures. once again that and the abnormally dry air. we'll have mid-60s to near 70 inland. bay neighborhoods in the mid to upper 60s. it's not a spare the air day like it was over the weekend. hope you enjoy it. we have a couple of accidents. the first one is involving a deer along the peninsula in woodside northbound on 280 as you come up to farm hill boulevard. one lane is currently blocked right now so watch out for that. as we take you into the east bay, this is along 580 as you come up to the dublin interchange. a two-car crash over to the shoulder. no injuries are reported there. 680 heading from dublin into walnut creek, that's a clear drive. also if you're continuing that commute in the westbound direction along 580 into castro valley, everything remains nice as clear. as we take a live look outside, let's take a peek at this. this is your drive right through marin as you make your compute in the southbound direction
5:31 am
along 101 heading right up to the golden gate bridge. i can tell you right now it is clear. i'll have that picture for you coming up in just a little bit. it's 5:31. the niners are back in the bay area following a tough loss to the seahawks in the nfc championship game. we were all hoping for that return to the super bowl, but the team can hold its head up high about its play this season. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live in santa clara with more. >> reporter: yes, they can. it was a disappointing ending to the season for the 49ers, but there is a lot to look forward to, including the opening of the new stadium here, levi stadium in santa clara. the team arrived at snlan jose' mineta international airport. they filed into six waiting buses for the short trip to their headquarters. there they found a big crowd of fans waiting for them, cheering them on and thanking them for a great season. >> i'm sure they're feeling depressed and down after such an awesome game and a tough end to
5:32 am
a game that what better way to come home than all of us cheering them on. that's what they need. >> reporter: players took to twitter to thank the fans. donte whitner said great season, faithful, we appreciate you all. glenn dorsey tweeted thanks to the fans for the support. we'll be back. the 49ers have scheduled a season-ending press conference here at the team headquarters at noon tomorrow. reporting live in santa clara, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> all right, matt, thanks. 5:32. san francisco mayor ed lee said the city is proud of the niners. in a statement he said we would have liked a different outcome but we're grateful for the team's amazing last season at candlestick this year that will be forever remembered. a new era begins next fall when the team begins their first season at levi stadium in santa clara. the loss was a downer for fans throughout the bay area. hundreds of fans packed the south of market street park at 11th and division to watch the game.
5:33 am
what was an exciting game became excruciating in the final minutes. >> pretty disappointed in how the game ended. really don't know why we went for it on that play. we were driving, so it's a rough loss. >> it's all right, next year. it's all right. we're going to stay positive, represent. you know, represent our niners. whoo! >> that's the spirit. some fans munched on comfort food to try to ease the pain of the niners loss. others left quietly, celebrations on hold until next season. >> celebrations not on hold in seattle. >> super bowl, super bowl, super bowl. >> you hear the chant super bowl. well, seahawks fans took to the streets follow last night's game to celebrate their victory over the 49ers. some of the fans even passed around what appeared to be a large poster of seattle coach pete carroll. the seahawks will take on the
5:34 am
denver broncos in super bowl 48 48 and peyton manning. a two-alarm fire happened at 11:00 last night on mcallister street near baker. firefighters managed to put the fire out rather quickly but called out the additional help because ofsmoke. no injuries were reported. police are looking for the people who killed two people sitting inside a car. it happened near 100th avenue and macarthur boulevard. officers responded to reports of gunfire and found a car with two people inside suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. both died at the scene. in san francisco, two people are recovering from injuries this morning following a shooting there. the shooting happened on turk street. officers found one victim at 9:10 and about 20 minutes later found the other victim four blocks away. a suspect has been arrested. police say the victims are
5:35 am
expected to recover from their wounds. new this month -- new this morning, rather, b.a.r.t.'s nine-month long contract battle wound up costing the agency millions. b.a.r.t. spent $2.2 million to reach the final settlement. that doesn't count the $5 million in revenue lost due to the strikes. the agency spent more than $1 million to charter buses to shuttle riders around while the b.a.r.t. trains sat idle. nearly half of the $2.2 million went to pay the salaries of 53 union negotiators who took time off work to sit across the table from b.a.r.t. negotiators. they spent $1.2 million on outside consultants and pr specialists. nearly $5,000 spent on take-out food. one local business cashed in on -- nick's plaza cafe took in $2600 in sandwich orders. it's 5:35. boy, you're ordering up some
5:36 am
sunshine. that's what you're getting anyway, mike. >> a lot of it and that's going to help push us near record high temperatures once again. most of the cloud cover will be in the morning and it's just upper level clouds. temperatures will be 8 to 12 degrees above average. instead of in the upper 50s. we'll be in the mid-60s to near 70 degrees. let's take a look at what's going to happen, our day planner. the next 12 hours we're off to a seasonal start so it's chilly inland with a little frost there. high clouds will start to wane by noon. look at those temperatures in the low to mid-60s. mid to upper 60s for the better part of the afternoon hours with all that sunshine. it will be clear and quiet during the afternoon and evening. the wind will drop our temperatures down into the upper to mid-60s tomorrow, low to mid-60s, probably the low water mark wednesday and the winds will start to shift back
5:37 am
thursday. we could be looking at a fire danger thursday, friday, maybe saturday with increasing winds. we'll have that up in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. first another check of the traffic with leyla. >> pretty clear out there, holiday light. we do have some traffic. but for the most part we are in the clear. however, we do have this fender-bender westbound side of 580 right at 680 involving two vehicles but over to the shoulder so it's not slowing traffic down in mi way. there's nothing but green on this map. drive time traffic 101 from san francisco to sfo, 11 minutes. northbound on the nimitz, 238 for the maze, 13 minutes. 101 northbound through san jose, 85 to the saj airport, an 11-minute commute. let's take a live look at the oakland maze traveling right up to 580. i-80 westbound, that is looking clear as well. kristen, eric. 5:37 now. iran says it has stopped enriching uranium. international inspectors were on
5:38 am
hand today when enriching machinery was turned off at one site and they plan to be there when officials shut down another site. iran says it's doing its part under an historic deal reached in geneva last november. in exchange, the world's leading economies will temporarily lift economic sanctions. the deal is good for six months, during which both sides hope to hammer out a permanent agreement. a blow to washington's hopes for moving a u.s. military base on the japanese island of okinawa. the mayor of nago has won re-election. he's staunch leo posed to having his city play host to a marine corps air station. they had agreed to move to a different area but many wanting the base off the island completely. the mayor beat out an opponent who had supported the base. it's 5:38. still ahead, keeping the dream alive. today's celebrations in honor of dr. king's legacy and the 30-year-old bay area tradition that could be making its last trip. also new threats in sochi.
5:39 am
will there be enough security for the u.s. olympic team at the winter games? one lawmaker says no. and slim support. a lack of slim support. a new survey has found the one
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♪ it is 5:42 on this monday morning as we take a moment to honor dr. martin luther king jr. this ceremony is going on at the national mall in washington, d.c., which you can hear right now as you see the statue of dr. king there. we'll have more on the events going on here in the bay area and around the country coming up. the olympic torch relay has just reached volgograd this morning. volgograd is where twin suicide bombings killed more than 30 people last month. the police presence right there is massive as the olympic flame winds its way through the streets. with the winter olympics in
5:43 am
sochi just weeks away fresh threats against tourists are raising concerns about american security. the thorough group behind last month's attacks has posted a video claiming to show the suicide bombers responsible. the islamist militants are seeing building explosives and traveling to their target. they say this is just the beginning, warning they'll have a surprise package for tourists who come to the olympics. >> the long and the short of it is i think that vladimir putin and the russian government will be very lucky if they're able to get through the olympics without an incident. >> translator: the job of the olympics host is to secure the security of the participants and the visitors. we will do whatever it takes. >> the state department has cautioned americans to be on the lookout for terrorism. some athletes have set up their own private security and emergency evacuation plans. dozens of ukrainian protesters remain camped out on a central street in kiev.
5:44 am
this follows a night of rioting. anti-government protesters clashed with police. today the government is set to hold talks with leaders of the oppositi opposition. happening today, the bay area's freedom train tribute to martin luther king will make its annual run from san jose to san francisco starting at 10:00 this morning. but organizers fear this could be the last time. the special caltrain has been chartered for nearly 30 years by the dr. martin luther king jr. association of santa clara valley. dr. king's widow, krcoretta sco king, organized the first one. this year ticket sales are way down. as of friday only 300 tickets had been sold. last year's ridership was about 1200. amy hollyfield will have more for you coming up in 25 minutes or so. here's what's closed for the king holiday. local, state and federal government offices are closed with the exception of emergency
5:45 am
services. banks and financial institutions are closed. post offices are closed as well. no mail will be delivered. b.a.r.t. and muni will operate on saturday schedules, ac transit on a sunday schedule and golden gate ferries are on a holiday schedule. other transit agencies are operating normal monday service. yosemite national packer is waiving the entrance fee today for martin luther king jr. day. that means you can get into the park without paying $20. the weather is good, the roads are clear. i know, that's unusual for january. >> yeah, i mean mike did check with cuyahoga road and it does say that it's closed although you don't know if it's a calendar thing. >> they haven't had any snow there for a long time. back in december was the last decent snowfall. let's take a look and show you what's going on. let's go and talk about if you are working this morning or you do have to get around, that is good news, the fact it's dry out
5:46 am
there. you see low clouds lingering off the coast. i think for the most part they'll stay there today. you see some high clouds kind of in the west to east orientation right across the heart of the bay. those will be around for the better part of the morning hours. it's pretty quiet across the entire country. a little clipper system coming in from regina and you can see it moving into north dakota and minneapolis and it will head toward the northeast. that's where the coolest and most active will be in the next 24 to 48 hours. there's a beautiful picture of downtown, clean air. the artistry on the span of the bridge. fire danger is possible thursday, friday and maybe lingering into saturday. all right, for our temperatures today, we have 75 in gilroy, mid-60s to near 70 degrees elsewhere. we're close to records. gilroy, the record high today is like 76, so we're definitely close. just not going to quite make it, i don't think. mid to upper 60s most of the
5:47 am
peninsula. we'll get to 70 in los altos. 68 the warm spot at half moon bay. mid-60s downtown, south san francisco, daly city and sausalito to san rafael and sonoma and vallejo. everybody else in the upper 60s to near 70 through the north bay. mid to upper 60s for most of the east bay shore. 70 in oakland. that would set a record downtown, but i don't think it would set one at the airport so another one of those areas that's close. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s throughout the east bay valleys and fairfield about 70. 30s inland, some frost possible. upper 30s in the south bay fremont and up towards redwood city and 40s everywhere else. you can see the high pressure getting squeezed just a little bit from the south, the east and the west and that's why it's going to give up for a couple of days and we'll lose our offshore flow and get an onshore one and that's why the 60s will be more dominant in our forecast moving forward.
5:48 am
but still very dry. have a good one, here's leyla. >> we are heading back over to mass transit so we can talk about that and how the holiday is affecting it. b.a.r.t. is on a saturday schedule, which means it's going to be running in just a little over ten minutes from now, so starting at 6:00 you'll start to see trains rolling. muni is on a saturday schedule as well. ac transit is running on a sunday schedule. so make sure you check in with your local mass transit agency. as we take you right back over to the dublin interchange, there's a two-car crash westbound side of 580 to the northbound 680 transition. there's a little more exact location. it's over to the shoulder, no injuries are reported but seeing a little bit of slowing there as you approach the interchange. as we take a peek at 101 heading away from sfo into san francisco, we can see nothing but green out here. top speeds, ten minutes will get you right up to third street so a clear drive there. a live look outside, this is going to be your drive through san jose. northbound along 280 as you come along from highway 17, a few extra cars but still looks
5:49 am
holiday light. new this morning, one of emeryville's best perks is looking at an uncertain future. commercial property owners pay a tax to keep the shuttle running. but businessman francis collins said he's tired of paying the tax to keep the shuttle alive because he doesn't use it. he's threatening to sue if city leaders don't ask voters for a tax hike or charge shuttle riders. you may be surprised but it turns out passengers don't like the smaller, slim line seats airlines are putting in. a new survey by trip adviser finds many passengers who have had to sit in them are not fans. an overwhelming 83% said they were less comfortable than traditional seats. slimline seats are being installed by almost all the carriers. they're lighter, don't have as much padding and are slimmer than their older counterparts. can you guess why the airlines
5:50 am
may be favoring this seat? yeah, they can fit more of them onto a plane. according to the survey, only 8% of passengers said they were more comfortable. 5:50 now. coming up, new video and a plea from an american held captive in north korea for more than a year. this morning the message for the u.s. government. generosity begets more generosity. a local couple follows batkid's lead. the star of a reality tv show is trying t to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear...
5:51 am
welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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5:53 am
new this morning, an american missionary being held in north korea is appealing to the u.s. to help secure his release. kenneth bae was arrested in november, 2012, accused of crimes against the state. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. this morning bae appeared in a gray prison uniform and baseball cap and spoke at a press conference held at his own request. the 45-year-old says he wants to return to his family as soon as possible and hopes the u.s. will help. two weeks ago bae's detention was in the news after former basketball star dennis rodman traveled to north korea for an exhibition game and made comments implying bae was at fault. rodman later apologized. speaking of rodman, he's also reportedly checked himself into a rehab center seening treatment for alcohol addiction
5:54 am
following that recent controversial trip to north korea. according to his agent, rodman's drinking escalated during his trip. this is video of rodman singing to kim jong-un on his birthday. rodman has long battled drug addiction and alcohol abuse. his agent said his drinking during the trip escalated to a level they had not seen before. 5:54. boy, we haven't seen this kind of warmth this long in january. >> it's almost becoming normal. it's weird. you're out and everybody is talking about, oh, it's cold when it's getting in the 50s. really? that's where it's supposed to be. here's a look at just how clean the air is. we'll be 3 degrees warmer in concord, 1 in san francisco, 68 and 66 there. everybody else is within a degree or two of where we were yesterday. around the state mid to upper 70s. 82 in palm springs but the fire threat has lessened there. low to mid-60s around eureka and
5:55 am
monterey. let's take a look at seven-day forecast for tahoe. unfortunately, it's got near record highs just like yesterday and no chance of snow. have a good one. here's leyla. >> there's a little company on the roads but all in all it is holiday light. as you can see, there is plenty of green and that means you are at top speeds. green means go, doesn't it. as we head over to highway 4, we do have a report of a stalled vehicle westbound side right at willow pass road. it is blocking one lane but not causing any delays as you make the drive into concord. as we look at the benicia and carquinez bridges, wide open right now. top speeds as you head from the north to the south and vice versa. here's a look at drive time traffic. 580 tracy to dublin right now, 24 minutes holding strong there. highway 4 antioch to concord 14 minutes. southbound from san rafael to san francisco on 101, 14 minutes. kraft is recalling two million pounds of a popular cheese product. it's part of the kraft velveeta
5:56 am
cheesy skillet singles line. it has an undeclared soy allergen in it. the prosds affected have a sell by stamp of march 2nd to october 23rd 2014. the ultimate cheeseburger mac contains soy but thein greed en ---in greed yengt is not included on the label. the rosetta space cast has been in hibernation for three years. an internal alarm clock is to wake it up at 2:00 this morning, almost four hours ago so it could chase down a comet racing towards the sun at 24,000 miles an hour, but scientists won't know if the wake-up call actually worked for several more hours. we will keep you informed. a local couple has followed up on batkid's lead, saving the city of san francisco, but this time from a hefty bill. philanthropist john and marcia goldman are picking up the city' $105,000 tab for allowing 5-year-old miles scott to fight
5:57 am
villains and rescue a damsel in distress last november. make-a-wish arranged the elaborate fantasy for the northern california boy with leukemia. city officials say most of the cost involved renting a sound system and video screens. next at 6:00, the potential hate crime involving a candidate for oakland mayor. and richard sherman steals the spotlight at the nfc championship game. we'll show you his tirade against the niners michael crabtree and we'll show you crabtree's response. later, new details on the next "star wars" film. the famed director talks
5:58 am
5:59 am
[ cheering ] >> now at 6:00, a hero's homecoming after a tough loss on the road. we're live in santa clara with
6:00 am
the late-night fan frenzy for the niners after coming oh, so close to a trip to the super bowl. >> and a seahawk and stanford grad steals the spotlight at the big game. ahead hear the post-game rant that has social media buzzing this morning, plus the response from the niner targeted in the tirade. and happening today, the freedom train marking the legacy of martin luther king jr. is just a few hours away from hitting the rails. so will this be the last year ft bay area tradition? thanks for joining us on this martin luther king day at 6:00. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's go from those not so classy remarks by richard sherman to a classy forecast by mike nicco. >> some people don't like this one either, eric. it's void of rain once again and that's what makes it maybe a little distasteful but hopefully you're enjoying the warm weather while we have it. 44 degrees, that's our temperature this morning around the bay. the next 12 hours we'll hit near 60 at noon. mostly sunny this afternoon. near to record highs, mid to


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